Another Fitness Update…because this is my life

Things with my fitness and diet have been going swimmingly. I continue to lose weight, feel stronger, and workout better. I attribute this success to many factors. Here are a few I’d like to share:

1.) – MFP has helped me track my calories in/calories out everyday since March 1. It’s easy and has given me great perspective on what I put (and do not put) in my body.

2.) 24 Hour Fitness strength training classes and Bikram yoga at Funky Door Yoga – Doing structured workouts keep the calories burning longer (60-90 minutes) than I could push on my own. They also are FUNdamental ways to embellish my daily cardio with strength and stretch workout components.

3.) Yelp FitClub – A number of women in the office have decided to start a group to get fit together. We send around motivational emails, tips, recipes, workout together during lunch.

4.) Boyfriend – It’s a lot easier to maintain my diet/workout regimen with positive encouragement at home. Plus he’s also on the fitness train and gives great advice!

5.) “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” by Tom Venuto – This ebook has been integral in helping me plan my food intake and reframe the way I think about “dieting”. It’s all about boosting the metabolism by eating enough of the right stuff.

6.) Crockpot – I make lunches for the whole week on Sunday night in my Crockpot. This allows me to plan ahead and avoid temptation of the many lunch restaurants (taquerias, sandwich shops, Asian food, etc.) in downtown San Francisco. It’s also very easy healthy cooking

7.) Polar RS200 Heart Rate Monitor – Though I haven’t been able to use all of the functions that this heart rate monitor is capable of, this device has had the same effect in helping me better understand effective cardio routines as MFP had in helping me better understand effective eating habits. This wristwatch model offers dynamic readings on heart rate zones during workouts and stores my workouts in a weekly report.


8.) Water – I drink a ridiculous amount of it. At least 80 oz. a day.


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