“Spaghetti” with Turkey Bolognese


Apparently there exists a vegetable called a spaghetti squash. It’s squash but when you bake it, it turns into a shell full of thin pasta-like strands. Supposedly you can also microwave it or boil it with the same result.

Because of my (relatively) low carb diet, I don’t eat any pasta. So I thought I would conquer the mythical spaghetti squash beast and make enough portions for dinner and 4 days worth of lunch (in lieu of my regular Crockpot meals). I smothered the “spaghetti” with a lovely garlicky turkey bolognese sauce.

One hearty serving came to 241 calories, 15g carbs, 11g fat, and 20g protein. (I accidentally bought 7% lean ground turkey meat which drastically upped the fat content of the sauce. You could easily drop to 5g of fat with a leaner meat.)


One response to ““Spaghetti” with Turkey Bolognese

  1. my mother fed us spaghetti squash when we were growing up. it was a fun food!

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