Diet & Travel & College Chicks Gone Wild!

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Go, lady bug, go!

Last weekend I went to Syracuse, NY to visit my sister who was graduating from the University. Eating healthy and exercising while traveling is hard enough. Eating healthy and exercising with a group of sorority chicks hell bent on partying it up for their college graduation is nearly impossible.

Suffice to say – beer bongs, endless games of Quarters (or my new fave spin-off drinking game Chandelier), flipcup, frat kegs, tequila shots, Fishbowls, late night snacking, and hangovers are not conducive to weight-loss. No matter how much dancing you do to accompany the empty calorie intake.


To make sure I didn’t totally fall off the fitness wagon, I did manage to get a little exercise in by stealing my sis’ friend’s ID card and sneaking into the gym. I also did an early morning run in the crisp upstate NY air.

Food-wise I brought a number of Odwalla Super Protein bars with me as well as 1/4 cup bags of raw almonds for snacking.


Needless to say, I still made quite a few missteps – like the 15 jumbo shrimp cocktail I ate at the graduation buffet. Baleen whale!

I was very scared to step on the scale this morning for my weekly weigh-in but knew I had to bite the bullet. To my delight I am down another 2 pounds from 2 weeks ago! Also, my thigh measurements have dropped 1 INCH. A whole inch! My bicep is down .25 in which I’m going to believe is fat loss, not muscle loss, as I’ve been hitting the weights.

Keep on trucking…



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